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  • How long will it take to install my charger?
    We allow our team 4 hour slots to complete the job, in most cases it will be quicker.
  • What charger should I get?
    We install a variety of different chargers, to find out what charger is right for you, its important to consider how fast you want your car to charge and what features you would like the charger to have (Load balancing, key lock, scheduled charging for night time tariffs) Get in touch to discuss this further with one of our Electricians.
  • Why is my RCD Tripping?
    This will usually happen if a faulty appliance has been plugged, disconnect everything and turn it back on. Plug in appliances one by one until the faulty one has been identified. If it is still tripping get in touch with us, we can have a electrician come out to fault find the problem and get your power back on.
  • How quickly can you attend my fault.
    We always aim to fix any emergency faults on the same day.
  • How long does it take to rewire a house.
    This will depend on size, spec and if its occupied. An average 3 bedroom unoccupied house will take 2-3 days. Speak to us for a more accurate time frame.
  • Do you cover my area?
    We cover Bicester, Banbury, Oxford and surrounding areas across Oxfordshire. If you are outside these areas still get in touch as we can probably still service you area.
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