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Importance of SPD'S

Surge Protective Devices (SPD) are used to protect your electrical installation, from the consumer unit and wiring to the accessories, from electrical power surges known as "transient overvoltage's."

Why are SPD'S important

With the advances in technology, we now have multiple different sources of electronic equipment in our house, (Televisions, computers, washing machines, smart devices) These all have sensitive electronics equipment that are susceptible to Transient Voltages. While we are happy to spend a lot of money buying these, why aren't we protecting them.

What are Transient Voltages

Transient overvoltage's are defined as short duration surges of electricity which occur due to the sudden release of energy previously-stored or induced by other means. Transient overvoltage's can be either naturally occurring or man-made.

How do transient overvoltage's occur?

Man-made transient voltages appear due to switching of motors and transformers, along with some types of lighting. Historically this has not been an issue within domestic installations but more recently, installations are changing with the advent of new technologies such as electric vehicle charging, air/ground source heat pumps and speed-controlled washing machines have made transients much more likely to occur within domestic installations.

Natural transient overvoltage's occur due to indirect lightning strikes most likely to happen due to a direct lightning strike on an adjacent overhead power or telephone line causing the transient overvoltage to travel along the lines, which can cause significant damage to the electrical installation and associated equipment.

How can I protect my installation

Check to see if you have an SPD installed if you have not had your consumer unit updated in the last 5 years its unlikely you have one.

We recommend to have your installation tested every 5 years for safety reasons.

If you would like to find out more or upgrade your consumer unit get in touch with us today


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